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Spotlighting Local Beatmakers and Sampling Maestros
Unleash Your Sound: Loop Sessions Music Producer Showcase

Loop Sessions is a music producer showcase that highlights beat-making and music sampling.  The program focuses on local music producers who’ve crafted the skills of sample-based beatmaking.

The program also serves to educate the audience and the larger community about the history of sampling and its use in popular music. Sampling is the art of using musical software or hardware to borrow a piece of historic or current music, repurposing it in another musical style, thus giving a new sound to the original piece.

Loop Sessions, inspired by the São Paulo-based beatmaking event series Beat Brasilis and exported to Canada by Montreal producers Dr. MaD and Lou Piensa in 2016, is an event series where music producers of all levels and genres come together, challenge themselves to sample from the same vinyl or sample bank in a limited time frame, and showcase their new creations on a virtual or live stage.

With chapters across the globe, Loop Sessions has not only created a new beatmaking community for otherwise solitary artists to connect with locally and internationally, but is giving new life to music near-lost to the sands of time, highlighting up-and-coming artists, and redefining and reinvigorating the culture of sample-based music, in hip-hop and beyond.

Craft Your Signature Sound: Loop Sessions Await!

Spotlighting Local Beatmakers and Sampling Mastery

Discover the Groove: Loop Sessions Showcase

Idris Ackamoor, Zulu
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